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OG Che Is Dead - Misery Incorporated - 50 % Off!

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The 50th anniversary of Che Guevara's execution shirt. 50% Off!

What better way to celebrate than by wearing a commemorative "¡VIVA LA EJECUCIÓN!" t-shirt. Show how happy you are that he is dead by wearing this to the ballgame, church, grocery store, or school!

Be the first kid on your block with a Dead Che shirt!

The racist, mass-murdering, and homophobic Che, was killed by 2nd Battalion Bolivian Rangers (unofficially as the "Che Hunters") whom were trained & mentored by 7th & 8th Special Forces Group (SFG) on 09 October, 1967. On the left shoulder, you can see a commemorative patch from this Ranger unit whom killed this thug.

Please Note: We currently only have Men's sizes, but we may be adding women's to the mix in the next run.

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