American Democracy Short sleeve t-shirt
American Democracy Short sleeve t-shirt
American Democracy Short sleeve t-shirt

American Democracy Short sleeve t-shirt

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It was the spring of 1775. At a small table inside the Green Dragon Taven in Boston, Massachusetts sat George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams. The rebellion against the Queen was about to boil over into a full-blown war without a real end goal in mind. The one thing that everyone in the thirteen colonies was aware: their times of being under the Queen was nearing its end. The one thing that no one knew: what their world would look like after. A constitutional monarchy was still an option on the table with one of these men being a potential candidate for King. Knowing they desperately needed a plan, they sat at that small table in the corner and paved the way for American democracy.

"Benny Boy, I totally agree with you. A monarchy definitely sets the grounds of being right back here in another hundred years, however, what other option do we have?" - Thomas Jefferson

"John, my man, I don't know. That is why I am concerned. We are looking to break away without even knowing how the other side might look. We need a plan. George, what do you think?" - Benjamin Franklin

"Well, of course, G-dub is going to think we should be a monarchy. Over half the colonies are calling for Ole Mr. 'I can not tell a lie' over there to be King. The masses love him. Cherry tree my ass." - Thomas Jefferson

"Jay, you couldn't be further from the mark if you were a Continental Marine trying to hit a toilet after a full night of debauchery at the ole Tun. No, good sir, this is not my desire at all. I have 99 problems but being King will never be one. We must find a better path, bromigos." - George Washington

"What about that democracy concept the Roman's were working on back in the day? From my understanding, Europe has been playing with it for some time now. Maybe there is something there?" - Thomas Jefferson

"Oh, hogwash! Do you really want someone like Thomas Thompson getting a say in our lives? The guy was caught twice having relations with Joseph Smith's cow. The man still thinks that the earth is flat. No way in hell I am letting a man like that determine how my life is governed, my dude." - Benjamin Franklin

"No Benny Button, John boy is on to something. Maybe that is the answer. It is crazy. It is borderline stupid. But it may just be the answer." - George Washington

"George, you cannot be serious. That is just the bourbon talking." - Benjamin Franklin

"Yes Benny the kite-flyer, I am serious. By God, let's give it a shot. A land where everyone gets a vote. No more being told how to live our lives. No sir. Not now. Not here. Here, everyone will get a say. Like Robert Johnson. The man hasn’t made a wise decision in his entire life. Hell, he once walked three miles in the snow barefoot while carrying his boots so that they wouldn’t get wet and make his feet cold. Back there, under the Queen's hand, Robert was just another roofer placing thatch. Did parliament care about how Bob felt about the new tax on tar? No sir. Not one bit. But here? Here Bob matters. Her Bob is somebody. Bob gets a say. Remember Bethany from the Brothel? Did the Queen care about her three kids when increasing the import cost of hops leading to a massive price increase on a pint of frothy brew? Hell no she didn't. And just what could poor Bethany do? Nothing. Not a single thing. Stuck showing her calves for paper. But not here. No sir, brochachos. Not on these lands. Here. Here we will give her a voice. By God, here, we give democracy a chance." - George Washington

"So democracy it is? - Benjamin Franklin, raising his pint towards the center of the table.

"Eyee, democracy it is." - Thomas Jefferson, mug joining Ben's in the air.

George Washington, completing the toast, "Democracy, just stupid enough to work." The tri-blend fabric creates a vintage, fitted look. And extreme durability makes this t-shirt withstand repeated washings and still remain super comfortable.

• Tri-blend construction (50% polyester/25% combed ring-spun cotton/25% rayon)
• 40 singles thread weight
• Comfortable and durable
• Contemporary fit
• Lightweight

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American Democracy Short sleeve t-shirt
American Democracy Short sleeve t-shirt