What is a Real Man? Pt. 3 of 3

What is a Real Man? Pt. 3 of 3

By Travis Arnold 

The divorce court situation is absolutely skewed towards the female. The conditions necessary for a father to be awarded full custody are extraordinary. Yet, a mother only has to show up in order to fleece the father for time and money. And, for all the single moms that crow about how they do not need the father, let me give you some facts. Children are four times more likely to grow up in poverty in a fatherless home, twice as likely to drop out, girls are twice as likely to be obese and four times as likely to be teen mothers. Fatherless kids are twice as likely to commit suicide, boys without fathers are three times as likely to be arrested. Take a breath harpies, I completely understand that deadbeat dads exist. But, you know what else exists that contributes to these numbers? Vengeful, spiteful, hateful mothers who drive a wedge between fathers and children. The facts don’t lie though, men are important for the safest and most complete raising of a child. Gentlemen, that does not mean simply being in the house with them. You have to be an example, a teacher, disciplinarian, a harbor in a storm, and a line that cannot be crossed. I see different types of dads that drive me insane. Dads that try and recapture their youth through their kids, and dads that are too absorbed with their own entertainment to notice they have kids are two that piss me off the most. So, if you’re a father you have the weight of the future on your shoulders. Do not sherk your massive responsibilities.

What makes a real man? The answer to that question is actually rather easy. What makes a man is him being confident in who he is. That he is capable of responsibility and making decisions. The separate argument of how masculine a man is different. A man can be a real man without being a carnivorous lumberjack. Just as a man doesn’t have to be a sensitive coffee shop poet. I consider myself a real man. Not because I choose dark beer over light, or because I only drink dry red wine, or because I refuse to put ice in whiskey, or because I eat steak rare, or because I can build things out of wood, hunt, fish, and cook my own food. I’m not a real man because I’ve fought in wars, climbed mountains, and crossed oceans. I consider myself a real man because I know what I like and will not compromise my principles. I’m confident in being me. And, any man that can look himself in the mirror and say that they are who they want to be and not who someone else chooses for them to be is real.


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