Violence as a Necessity

Violence is the gold standard, the reserve that guarantees order.  In actuality, it is better than a gold standard, because violence has universal value. Violence transcends the quirks of philosophy, religion, technology and cultureIts time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe.  History teaches us that if we dont, someone else will.  –Violence is Golden  by Jack Donovan

Most will see the above admonition and others like it and automatically relate it to the malevolence of those who wish to do nothing more than tear this world apart. To others, it’s a trendy phrase you most likely associate with the new age mentality brought on by the latest Mixed Martial Art’s fighting rage to sweep the country.  However, to a very select few, it’s much much more. It is a way of life…

And luckily for all of the others, it is!  Here is what I had to say about ISIS back in July 2014:

"I would bring fear and death to them all! They would speak of us as ghosts and servants of a God they now fear. Their God, our God, it doesn’t matter. What matters is this, they will fear the sword and the bearded ones wielding it. Their sleep will be interrupted by every sound as they fear our presence. Their beliefs will be turned upside down as entire units are brought down without mercy as if God himself smite them. Their hands would tremble, fearing that their actions have brought upon them the wrath of God. Cries for forgiveness and moans of helplessness will fill their dwellings.

And I would do all this with just few men; hand picked and war hardened. Men who embrace violence. You think I speak lies and elaborations. You feel I boast of impossibilities due to ego and arrogance. So, I say to you again, simply “I would bring fear and death to them all!”

Embrace Violence – Two simple words, that when together, build the foundation for all that we know.  A minute number of people ever stop to think about the circumstances that surround the very freedoms they spend the majority of their lives enjoying. Not the main stream core freedoms that our country was founded on, rather the diminutive pieces of thread that weave together to form the very fabric that holds our great nation together. Each day passing as the last, each day taken for granted with little to no thought about how fortunate they really are for having in their lives, those that embrace violence.

In our world there lives a relativity small group of guardians who not only stand ready to do violence on the behalf of others,  but actually wait anxiously for the opportunity.  Men that live outside the illusion of safety built upon walls of ignorance and denial that is our peaceful existence in this world. Men who would rather dance with the devil in the valley of the shadow of death than sit at a Starbucks, sipping a $10 coffee while contemplating whether their skinny jeans are adequately squeezing all available testosterone into their systems in hope of fulfilling their latest desire of obtaining a beard.

For this chosen group, violence is the answer.  This group understands that not all people can be negotiated with and at then end of the day, human nature is primal. They understand that after all else fails and evil overwhelms the powers of the pen, it is they that will be called upon.  Sitting quietly in the corner, they wait patiently, hoping for the best but prepared to do the absolute worst. Sitting there, they see clearly what those who reject violence are blind to, that the evil they face is real and it is most definitely coming. For those who embrace violence, the ability to see those that embrace evil comes through as clear as a beautiful desert sky after that rare torrential downpour…

…because for those who embrace violence, the ones who chose to embrace evil share the same blood.

Do not misconstrue this and think that those who embrace violence are one in the same with those who embrace evil. They share the same blood but not the same mindset. Evil would run free if not for those that understand it. The ones who embrace violence understand emphatically that there is no negotiating with those who embrace evil. They understand that when an ideology rooted in religion or other guiding beliefs, grows larger than morality and uses evil to secure the ground for despotism, a diplomatic solution is not only unrealistic, it’s both a ludicrous and dangerous approach. In a time when human atrocities are not only accepted but also encouraged and seen as justified, it is necessary to set diplomacy aside, embrace the sword and accost this force on the field of battle with unbearable and relentless violence of action.

Most see this mental state as sick and perverse, an irrational and illogical way of thinking that leads to a completely unacceptable way to live a life. Never once stopping to think how life would be without these ‘Savages’. Never realizing, it is the very fear that these men evoke in others that keeps the peace.  The primal nature of others being able to run free and pillage at will if not for fear of the men that chose to embrace violence. Men who chose to wield the battle axe in defense of those who are unable or unwilling to do so themselves. Something inside always calling them to the sword. Calling to accept it,  own it,  live by it, and if at all necessary,  die honorably with it while utilizing their God given skills in battle against those who chose to embrace evil. It is this calling that drives these men.

Army Special Forces knows what it means to “embrace violence.”

For the fortunate ones, the opportunity to embrace violence will come. These lucky few will stare death down.  They will smile at him with grit in their teeth and blood in their eyes. They will whisper to him “If today is truly that day my friend, you better have come prepared…” They will not cower. They will not show fear.

They will embrace this opportunity with honor and passion. For them, it will be a chance to not only do what they were born and bred to do, but also do what very few people on this earth rarely get the opportunity to do. To Live. To truly be alive and feel life in way that can only be experienced by those whom embrace this way of life. Even if only for a second…

It was Chuck Palahniuck who painted this picture best through the character Tyler Durden in his book Fight Club. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” In this statement he captures the essence of what it is like to stare death down and know that at this very moment, we have lost everything. In this moment, it is you or death. There simply is nothing else.

For some, the moment that brought them the sweet taste of truly being alive also carried them away. These Eagles are forever soaring above us, forever following their brothers into battle. For those whom embrace violence are never alone. The souls of the ones whom truly lived guiding them as they continue to fight against those who embraced evil.

And for the very few that were able to seize the moment and truly live, the weight of the world bears down upon their shoulders with unimaginable force. For these men have been forever cursed with knowing that in this time, in this life, they may never taste life or feel alive like they did during those moments they faced death and won, forever cursed by doing what they were put on this earth to do:

Embrace Violence!

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