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RTB Isof Flag - Misery Incorporated - Raise The Black

In May of 2017, one of RTB’s customers contacted us informing us that he had purchased an RTB flag. He explained that he intended to fly the flag in the MQ-9 Reaper he operated conducting Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and strike missions against the Islamic State.

During this same time period, RTB was preparing to send our representative Bryan Myers to link up with ISOF soldiers on the Mosul front lines against ISIS. Late May 2017, Bryan linked up with a fellow American in Irbil, Iraq. The two made their way to Mosul, utilizing a network supported solely by locals and friends of current ISOF members.

While on the ground, Bryan spent a majority of his time with members of the of 2nd Battalion, ICTF of 1st ISOF Brigade., including an Iraqi Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) known as ‘TJ.

Bryan Myers with ISOF - Misery Incorporate - Raise The Black

 Over the next few days, Bryan would sit with TJ while TJ worked strike targets with elements from allied countries. In the evenings, the two would chat while sipping tea in-between different airstrike missions. 

In the days to follow, the group moved to link up with other ISOF elements on the front lines. From buying ice cream in recently liberated western Mosul :


Bryan Myers handing out ice cream to recently liberated area of Mosul - MiseryIncorporated

Bryan Myers handing out candy in recently liberated area of Mosul. - MiseryIncorporated

to assisting with casualties at the ISOF aid station,

Bryan Myers assisting with wounded - MiseryIncorporated

the group moved around areas of Mosul knowing that aircraft continued its relentless pressure on the remaining ISIS fighters. The constant rumblings of nearby explosions were a nonstop reminder.


Upon returning to the U.S., RTB was again contacted by the same customer regarding the flag. We then learned of the amazing journey our RTB Flag had taken.

The flag had been sent to members of the 46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron located at Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait. While there, in June of 2017, the flag was flown on combat missions aboard a United Kingdom’s MQ-9 Reaper, Tail 4133. These missions successfully flew in support of operations by Iraqi, American and other Coalition forces as they prosecuted the war on terrorism.

46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron Certificate of Authenticity - MiseryIncorporated

 When hearing of the flag and its meaning, other pilots joined in the support. All-in-all, the flag flew countless missions aboard multiple aircraft supporting ground troops in Iraq, including Mosul, for over a month.

 It wasn’t until the dust had settled following the Mosul trip that we realized that this same flag was flying in aircraft over Bryan and the others while in theatre. One can only imagine what this flag means to us here at RTB. This is why we offer this flag for auction with absolute honor and pride.

Flag details:

These double-sided flags were made using the much heavier and more expensive material specifically to ensure they would last for as long as possible. Our intent was for them to be flown from the back of a gun truck in Iraq. The flags you buy are the exact same as those we are sending down range.

The flags are made using 500D Woven Polyester. Spun polyester is easily the most durable flag material you can get. The open weave reduces fabric stress and is resistant to high winds. This flag material is the best choice if you fly the flag 24 hours per day and you typically experience a higher wind speed.

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