RTB MiseryIncorporated ISIS Banner Auction

On the 14th of June, 2017, a 19-year-old volunteer medic from Connecticut named James Demorro was exploring the recently liberated neighborhood known as ‘July 17’. The July 17 neighborhood was a strategic strong point for the Islamic State in western Mosul. The heavy clashes here took a substantial toll upon the citizens of Mosul. That is why James, and the other volunteer medics like him, were there: to help those that needed it the most.

ISIS Banner Captured from Battle of Mosul - MiseryIncorporated


Having been in country for weeks by this point, he and the others had grown accustomed to the chaos that was Mosul. In their down time, they often walked the streets, exploring the areas, and witnessing the absolute devastation left behind. Along with off-duty ISOF soldiers, James and the others would check on the locals in the area, ensuring they knew where the aid stations were and often buying treats for the kids.


In July 17, across from the infamous “the Valley of Death,” James saw something hanging down off of a wall, only exposing the backside. As he moved up to check it out, the light hit the object and the notorious ISIS logo could be seen glowing through. He instantly knew what it was and swiftly cut it down for keeping.


When he returned home, James reached out to RTB’s Bryan Myers, whom he had met in Mosul. He let Bryan know that he had a surprise for the RTB team and requested Bryan’s mailing address. A few days later Bryan received a large package. Inside? This captured ISIS banner. James knew that the RTB team was planning an auction and wanted to offer this as support to the Raise the Black project.


The banner is a thick PVC like material. It measures approximately 5 feet by 5 feet.

ISIS Banner Capture from Mosul - MiseryIncorporated


***Please Note - This item is a historical item for sale to collectors. We will not hesitate to share auction names with Law Enforcement Officials if we receive a request.

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  • It’s not illegal to own the item; however, some people may want to purchase the item as allegiance to ISIS

    • Misery
  • Why would law enforcement do that? Is it illegal to own this item?

    • scott